For insiders

„What do the experts think?“

We like giving advice: our expertise is very much in demand, as we address the technical and practical aspects of youth travel. Reisenetz is highly attuned to any changes or developments in this industry as our members come from all sectors and are end-user oriented.

We believe in combining hands-on knowledge with international cooperations, memberships and political partners, in order to professionalise youth travel as a whole. This means:

  • Being in regular contact with other relevant associations and organisations
  • Exchanging knowledge with European tourist organisations and the DZT

    (German National Tourist Board) on a regular basis

  • Being sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Youth
  • Being an active partner of „Gut Drauf”
  • Being in dialogue with politicians from different parties
  • Cooperating with BETA (British Educational Travel Association) and WYSE
  • Being a member of IJAB, Bundesforum,
    Reisenetz e.V. is a professional and practical key player in the youth travel industry that can provide authentic and up-to-date feedback from within the youth travel market.

A balanced partnership

Our strongest point is our heterogeneous membership structure, which covers all areas of youth travel, such as:

Supervised trips for children and adolescents, field trips, organised youth group trips, international exchange programmes, encounter trips, general guidance and other advisory services, au-pair placements, language study trips, inbound tourism, accommodation for young people, various forms of transport.

To be able to respond to our members’ needs and interests individually, our extensive expertise has been concentrated into five main Reisenetz „fields of work“:

  1. Supervised trips for children and adolescents / language study and encounter trips
  2. Youth group and field trips
  3. Accommodation for young people
  4. Service providers
  5. Transport